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Skip The Queue With Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking Feature

Hawaiian Airlines is known for its exceptional services. It keeps up with the passenger’s expectations and also mitigates any challenges they face. It provides many resources to travelers to reach out to the airline’s team. But, Hawaiian Airlines also offers a Manage Booking facility that works as a self-service option. 

Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking option offers flexibility and control over the reservation. It lets passengers add/delete/modify their itinerary with just a few clicks from the comfort of their homes without any assistance. 

What Are the Basic Features of Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking?

You can make quick modifications with the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking feature. The facility allows you to add or remove basic as well as advanced amenities from the reservation. With the Manage My Booking feature, you have the benefit of handling the following flight arrangements.

Cancel and Change Flight

It can be possible that a traveler may have to cancel their booking or reschedule it to another destination. But, it can be a daunting task to stand in a long queue at the airport or wait for hours on a phone call for your turn to cancel or change the flight. However, with the help of Hawaiian Airlines Manage My Trips, you can make the necessary changes on the go. You can change the date and time or postpone your travel plans easily. Also, you can request a refund online through it. 

Pre-Select Your Seat on Hawaiian Airlines

Pre-Select Your Seat on Hawaiian Airlines

One of the best advantages of Hawaiian Airlines Manage Flight is that it allows travelers to select their seats in advance. Passengers can choose their preferred seats and enjoy the journey with more comfort. Travelers can use the option to occupy seats together with their family before the flight, thus making their journey more delightful.

Add More Baggage 

According to the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy, there is no complimentary checked baggage allowance. You can purchase the baggage allowance on Hawaiian Airlines while booking the ticket. But it is possible that you may have to pack more bags. It is where travelers can make use of the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking. Before checking-in travelers can use the feature to add baggage online and avoid last-minute hustles.  

Check in to Your Hawaiian Airlines Flight

Quick online check-in is among the many features of the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking. When the check-in window opens, travelers should register quickly. Passengers can check in at the airport counter or kiosk machine also, but the web check-in is the most convenient one. Using the Manage Flights option on the app or the website allows passengers to complete the process from anywhere, thus saving time and energy. 

Buy Additional Services

Passengers who have booked on Hawaiian Airlines flight can also purchase additional services exclusively for them to make their journey comfortable. Travelers can pick the meal of their choice through My Trips. They can also ask for special assistance from Hawaiian Airlines with the help of the Manage Booking.  

Track the Status of Your Hawaiian Airlines Flight

If you want to get an update about your flight position, then you can utilize the Hawaiian Airlines My Trips feature. All you need to do is to fetch the trip details through the Manage Flights option. You will find real-time information about the flight status. You will also get to know about any guidelines by the destination city, delays, or changes in the flying route. 

Retrieve Booking Details

One of the basic uses of Hawaiian Airlines Manage Flight option is that travelers can quickly fetch their booking details. Travelers can use the option to check the departure and arrival times of the flight. They can also confirm the baggage rules through this. If the flyer wants to update the contact details, the Manage Booking service comes in handy. Overall, it lets the passengers review the booking and make minor corrections from anywhere and at any time. 

How to Use the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking Option?

Use the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking Tool

Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking allows travelers to make all the modifications in just a few minutes. There are a few simple steps that passengers can take to retrieve the trip details via Manage Booking. 

  • Go to the official portal of Hawaiian Airlines. 
  • If you are a Hawaiian Miles member, then log in to your account. If you are not, then skip this step.
  • On the top menu, click on the Manage Flights option.
  • After that, select the My Trips option.
  • Enter the confirmation code/ticket number and the passenger’s last name. 
  • Now, hit the Search button. The trip information will appear on the screen. 
  • Under Hawaiian Airlines Reservation Management, a list of services will pop up. According to the fare eligibility, certain options will be disabled for edits/changes. 
    • Change flight
    • Add baggage
    • Flight status
    • Check-in
    • Select meals
    • Select seats, etc. 
  • Pick the service of your choice and follow the on-screen instructions to make the necessary changes. 
  • In the end, pay the additional charges for modifying the itinerary. 
  • The airline will send updated booking details to the registered email address. 

Travelers can also use the Hawaiian Airlines mobile app to access the Manage Booking feature at any time and from any location. It provides a smooth user experience. Flyers can download the app from the Play Store or Apple Store. After logging in to the app, they can simply navigate to the Manage Flights option and check all their past and upcoming flights. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I check the status of my Hawaiian Airlines flight?

Ans. It is easy to check the status of flights operated by Hawaiian Airlines. You have to go to the website of Hawaiian Airlines and navigate to the Manage Flights option. Now, click on the Flight status. You can check either by entering the flight number or by entering the route. 

Q. Why can’t if find my Hawaiian Airlines reservation?

Ans. Travelers can fetch all the trips under their Hawaiian Miles account. However, if the airline fails to access the trip, then ensure that the Hawaiian Miles number is present on your booking. You have to use the Manage Booking service to add the Hawaiian Miles number to your booking. It will make the reservation visible again. 

Q. When can I check in for my Hawaiian Airlines flight?

Ans. The online check-in window on Hawaiian Airlines flights opens 24 hours prior to flight departure. You can use the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking option to check in up to one hour before flight departure. 

Q. What are the benefits of the Hawaiian Airlines My Trips?

Ans. The Hawaiian Airlines My Trips allows passengers to make modifications to their tickets from anywhere and at any time. Thus, it saves energy and time. Also, it prevents from incurring any additional administrative charges. Thus, passengers can manage their booking from the comfort of their homes. 

Q. What changes can be made through Hawaiian Airlines My Booking?

Ans. The Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking facility serves as a one-stop platform for all flight modifications. You can edit your itinerary on your own. Here are the services:

  • Flight change
  • Flight cancellation
  • Also, seat selection
  • Baggage purchase
  • Also, editing the passenger details
Q. What information do I need to retrieve flight details via Manage Booking?

Ans. If you are looking to fetch Hawaiian Airlines flight details via the Manage Booking, then you will need the following information:

  • Confirmation code/Ticket number
  • Last name
Q. How do I manage my flights with Hawaiian Airlines?

Ans. If you want to modify your itinerary, then you can utilize the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Flight feature. You can handle the booking on your own with this. It is an online feature and is accessible on both the website and the app. 

Q. Can I select my seat using the Manage Booking?

Ans. Yes, you can use the Manage Booking feature to select a seat in advance. All the passengers on Hawaiian Airlines can access their reservation through My Booking and choose seat selection. They can pick from available seats from the seat map and pay the necessary fee to confirm the purchase.  

Q. How to access Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking on the phone?

Ans. You need to open the browser on your phone. Go to the official website of Hawaiian Airlines. Now, from the menu, choose the Manage Flights option. After that, select My Trips. Now enter the booking reference number and last name of the passenger to manage your flight booking.

Q. Can I cancel my flight via Manage Booking?

Ans. Yes. The most convenient advantage of Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking option is that travelers can cancel their flights easily. Travelers can also review the cancellation policy through it before confirming. Also, they can make refund requests with the feature. 

Q. How can I change my Hawaiian Airlines flight?

Ans. You can change your Hawaiian Airlines flight by using the Manage Flight option available on the website or the mobile app. You just need to fetch the flight details and proceed by clicking on the “Change Flight” button.

Q. Can I add more baggage online on Hawaiian Airlines?

Ans. Yes, you can add more baggage to your Hawaiian Airlines itinerary online. You can retrieve the booking via the Manage Flight option and purchase the additional baggage allowance as per your requirement. 

Q. Why cannot I Manage My Hawaiian Airlines flight booking?

Ans. If you are unable to handle your Hawaiian Airlines flight booking, then you must contact the reservation department. The executives will help you out in managing your reservation. The Hawaiian Airlines executives are available around the clock for assistance. 

Q. How do I find my Hawaiian Airlines flight booking?

Ans. You can find and review your Hawaiian Airlines flight booking online via the “My Trips” feature. The feature provides all your booking information with just a few clicks. 

Q. How to find a reservation without a confirmation code?

Ans. If you don’t have the confirmation code, then you can also use the flight ticket number to view your Hawaiian Airlines itinerary. You can also log in to your HawaiianMiles account to find all your upcoming flights.  

Q. How can I add a meal in advance on a Hawaiian Airlines flight? 

Ans. You can pre-book your meals on Hawaiian Airlines flights via the Manage Booking option. There are specially curated menus by the chefs on Hawaiian Airlines and you can add your desired meals by paying the additional charges. 

Q. How to find receipts for travel purchases on Hawaiian Airlines?

Ans. You can find all your inflight purchase receipts and invoices of tickets and extras online via the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Flight section. All the receipts are available up to 3 months after your date of travel or date of purchase.

Q. Can I request disability assistance via Hawaiian Airlines My Trip?

Ans. No, you cannot request disability assistance via My Trip on Hawaiian Airlines. You have to call the Hawaiian Airlines Reservations Department or reach out to the staff at the airport. 

Q. Do I have to pay a fee for using the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking feature?

Ans. No, there is no fee for using the Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking feature. It is free. However, the services you purchase by using the Manage Booking can be paid or free. 

Q. Why I am not able to change my Hawaiian Airlines flight booking?

Ans. If you are not able to change/modify your Hawaiian Airlines flight ticket via My Trips, then check the fare conditions. Also, ensure that the airline permits changes to the new route.

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