Spirit Airlines Manage Booking: How Does it Work?

Managing booking is a serious affair, cause you don’t want to ruin anything related to your reservations. You want to do booking modifications in a way that comforts you and at the same time is swift and easy. You might be going through any issue in your personal life, family, or friends or there could be any other reason due to which you need to do booking modifications.

Have you ever tried to do Spirit Airlines Manage booking? But stuck in the loophole of technical things and not able to know what to do? Don’t worry, in this blog, we will explain it for you and make it easier for you.

What are the Highlights of Spirit Airlines Manage Booking?

There are several features that Spirit Airlines Manage Booking provides for customer satisfaction so that the customer’s trips become more pleasurable and lovely. Here are some of the key characteristics that showcase what Spirit Airlines Manage Booking offers.

Features How to make use of it
Booking modificationsIf you want to change the travel date of your trip for any reason, you can move forward to the “Spirit Airlines Manage Booking” section and click on the flight you desire to change. NOTE: You will have to pay a certain amount for it.
Seat upgradationIf Passengers wish to upgrade their seats, they can do it by going to the “Manage My Booking” area or can do it at the time of reservation. However, check the flight costs as you will have to pay the additional fees for upgraded seats.
Passenger addition and removal processIf you have decided to remove or add any passenger according to your change in plans, then visit the “Spirit Airlines Manage Booking” section. 
Options for Pet travelIf you want to travel with your pet but have made your booking early then simply don’t care because Spirit Airlines got you covered. You can visit the Spirit Airlines Manage My Booking option and add your pet travel to your booking. 
Cancel reservationsSometimes there is an emergency over a personal issue or just that our mood changes so we want to cancel our reservations. So, if you want to cancel your reservation then the process is almost the same. Go to My Trips on the homepage of Spirit Airlines, enter the details, and proceed to cancel a flight.
Add Extra baggage You can add extra baggage by simply clicking on the My Trips option and then following the instructions which will help you to access your reservation after that you have to click on “add bags”. 
Special Equipment and baggage: Review Spirit Airlines policy regarding special equipment and heavy baggage like musical or sports equipment. You might have to pay extra charges for it.
Purchasing Travel InsuranceTo get support for inevitable incidents like medical emergencies and others like cancelations, and travel delays but you want to make sure that you are safe in  
Online Check-InOnline check-in helps you to save time at the airport.
For the online check-in process, you have to visit the official website and follow the instructions. Log in to your account and follow the instructions in the online check-in or check-in section.  

Relevance of Spirit Airlines Booking Modifications

In today’s day and age, we might know how to manage our booking process but it’s relevant to know its relevance too to make any future decisions. 

Flexibility: It allows passengers to modify or update their reservations according to their requirements. 

Customer satisfaction: Customer support service is available when needed.

Magnified experience: selection of seats, adding extra baggage and many more can be done efficiently and smartly.

Spirit Airlines Manage Booking

How to Manage Your Booking with Spirit Airlines?

If you have made your bookings with Spirit Airlines, you can manage your bookings via the “Spirit Airlines Manage Booking” section. But if you are not able to figure out how it works, here are the guiding steps.

  • Open Spirit Airlines’ official website and click on the My Trips option which is located In the top left corner.
  • Login by entering your email ID and password of Spirit Airlines and acquire the booking details or you can also enter your last name and confirmation code. 
  • Click on the booking that you want to manage and then select the edit reservation button. Under Spirit Airlines Reservation Management, you can read the policy to understand the reservation management process better. 
  • Make booking modifications like cancel reservations, seat upgrades, extra baggage, flight credits, and others that you wish to make, and then save your changes.
  • Lastly, pay the change fee for the modifications or changes that you have made to your booking and stick to the instructions shown on the screen to finish the process.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Q. Can you change Spirit flights once booked?

Ans. Yes, changes can be made in spirits flights once booked. Up to an hour before departure, changes can be made. Guests who cancel a reservation within 24 hours or less from booking, for a flight that is seven or more days away, are eligible for a full refund.

Q. How do I check my itinerary on Spirit Airlines?

Ans. If you would like to view your itinerary then click on my trips on the Spirit Airlines homepage, you can both view and print the itinerary receipt from there. 

Q. Does Spirit allow seat selection?

Ans. Yes, Spirit Airlines allows seat selection. Buying of seat assignments starts at $5 and can vary in regards to the location in the airplane-specific routes.

Q. What is the Relevance of Spirit Airlines Booking Modifications?

Ans. Time-saving: You can update or modify your reservations according to your convenience.

Better services: Customer support services are also available for your requirements and needs. 

Q. What are the options for pet travel with Spirit Airlines?

Ans. You can add pet travel to your booking in the “Spirit Airlines Manage booking” section. Simply have your pet friends travel with you comfortably and cherish your memories with them.

Q. What are the features of Spirit Airlines Manage Booking?

Ans. Below are some of the key highlights of Spirit Airlines Manage Booking.

  • Booking modifications
  • Also, seat upgradation
  • Options for pet travel
  • Also, passenger addition and removal process and many more.
Q. How to do seat upgradation in Spirit Airlines?

Ans. Click on the My Trips tab and then access your reservation by following the instructions given on the screen. If accessing the reservation is done for more than 24 hours before departure then you can click on modify your reservation.

Q. How to Manage Your Booking with Spirit Airlines?

Ans. You have to visit Spirit Airlines official website, select the my trips option, and then enter the login details, you can manage your booking by doing the modifications like canceling reservations, seat upgrades, extra baggage, and more.   

Q. How do I contact Spirit Airlines?

Ans. You can contact Spirit Airlines at their phone number which is +1844-989-7283. They have good communication facilities and provide you with the best solutions.

Q. Does Spirit guarantee a seat?

Ans. You will get assigned a seat randomly by Spirit Airlines but it won’t guarantee if you will sit with your friends or family.  Seat assignment can be bought at $5 but can differ according to location in the aircraft and specific routes and you can choose the seat you desire.   

Q. Does Spirit charge for cancelation?

Ans. Yes, Some charges are applied when you cancel your booking with Spirit Airlines, the cancelation fees vary between $69 to $119. Apart from this, you can skip paying the cancelation flight fee if you are canceling a flight within a 24-hour window.

Q. What happens if Spirit cancels my flight?

Ans. If your flight gets canceled or gets delayed by two hours and you have been assigned a new schedule because of the flight delay issue then you have the option to demand a refund or a credit for future travel on Spirit Airlines. A refund for the whole trip can be given if the flight hasn’t flown any segment.

Q. Does Spirit provide refundable flights?

Ans. No, at this time Spirit Airlines does not offer refundable tickets. It is because Spirit Airlines wants to keep low prices. One needs to cancel their Spirit Airlines flight within the 24-hour window that starts from the time of booking to get a full refund.

Q. What airplanes does Spirit use?

Ans. Spirit Airlines has all-Airbus Fit Fleet airplanes. Their planes are the youngest and the most fuel-efficient fleets in the U.S.

Q. How long does Spirit take to refund?

Ans. The airline will initiate the refund within 7 days for credit card payments. However, if you have paid through cash or check then you will get the payment refund within 20 days.

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