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Southwest Airlines Manage Booking: Add Extras to Your Itinerary

Individuals tend to change their travel plans at the eleventh hour due to emergencies. West Airlines understands this, and thus, they offer the option of Southwest Airlines manage booking. With the help of this tool, making amendments and modifications to the reservation becomes easy. Furthermore, people can also add more amenities to their already existing bookings. 

Did you make reservations with Southwest Airlines and now have to make changes to them? If this is the case, then one can go ahead and do so in no time. In just a few clicks, people can complete the booking procedure with Southwest. The detailed guide here will help you learn more about managing bookings. So, read the guide and make changes as per your convenience.

How to manage bookings online at Southwest?

How to manage bookings online at Southwest

There are various online methods for managing bookings. Furthermore, one can choose the method that best suits them. 

Let’s find out the online ways to complete the Southwest Airlines Manage Booking

Through official website

The online method of managing the booking includes visiting Southwest Airlines’ official site. On the site, the flyer needs to follow the steps in the correct order. As soon as those are followed, the changes will be finalized in your Southwest booking.

  • On your web browser, open the official site.
  • Tap on the “cancel/change” option mentioned on the homepage.
  • Furthermore, mention the passenger’s full name and the booking confirmation code.
  • The booking will appear on your screen if the correct information is filled in. 
  • In this step, you will be able to see your reservation.
  • Once you do so, go ahead to make the required changes.
  • Finally, confirm the changes made by clicking on the “confirm” option.
  • Lastly, the airline will send you the mail mentioning they have finalized your modifications. 

Through mobile application 

Another way travelers can manage their booking is by downloading the mobile application onto their phone. Whether it’s an iOS device or an Android, people can download it. Furthermore, follow the steps mentioned on the application, and then you will be able to confirm the changes. 

The airline will let you know through mail that the changes have been made. 

Are there additional ways to complete the Southwest Manage Booking process?

There are online and offline methods of completing the Southwest Airlines Manage Booking procedure. So, those who want to skip the online methods can easily rely on these. 

The information given below will explain the offline methods in detail, so go ahead and read. 

Through the phone number

In addition to using the online method mentioned above, people can manage their bookings by talking to the travel team using their phone number.

On the official site, the traveler will find the contact information of the airline. 

Contact the team using it and proceed by providing them with the booking confirmation number and passenger name. In no time, they will make the changes to your booking. 

At the airport

Did you realize making the changes to your reservations at the last minute? Well, no worries. In that case, people can always connect with Southwest’s team of travel experts at the airport. Moreover, one needs to provide the representative with booking details like the confirmation code and last name of the passenger.

Why use the manage booking tool?

Why use the manage booking tool

The manage booking tool is available for travelers to make multiple changes to their booking. The list below shows the modifications people can make through this option-

Add extra services like a wheelchair, infant-related services, etc

Do you have children or elderly individuals traveling with you? If so, then they might need some additional services. These might include wheelchairs, baby chairs, etc. So, if you didn’t add these at the time of making the reservation, then use the Southwest Airlines manage booking option to add these. 

Upgrade your Seat 

With the manage booking tool, people can easily upgrade their seats. If you realize the need to travel with more comfort and space, then upgrade your seat. 

Add passengers

With the manage booking option, people can also add more passengers to their existing reservations. If more people decide to take off with you, you can always go ahead and travel with them by simply adding them to your booking. 

Cancel or Change the flight

Southwest Airlines understands that people might have to either cancel their travel plans or change them fully. Thus, they offer the option of managing bookings, which makes canceling or changing the flight easy. One can either use the official website or mobile application to cancel or change their flight. 

Add extra baggage

One of the most common things people wish to do is carry more luggage on their trip. Southwest allows you to do the same. With the Manage Booking tool, people can add more luggage to their existing reservations. Add baggage to your booking via the Southwest Airlines Manage Booking option. 

Changes in the name, date, or time of the flight

In case of a change in travel plans, people can always change their flight timings, dates, etc.; simply use the Southwest Manage Booking tool on the official website.

Add additional meal

We all want to have the food of our choice, even during the air journey. To do so, one needs to add meals to their booking. 

Select the seat of your choice 

You can pick the seat of your choice to enhance the comfort of the trip even more. Using the manage booking option, you can choose the seed that you are willing to book with Southwest Airlines.

How do I view my itinerary? 

Do you wish to check out the details associated with the booking you made with Southwest Airlines? If yes, you can do it seamlessly. One can easily view and share one’s itinerary.  

By following the steps given below, one can view their itinerary. So follow the steps mentioned below in the same order and easily view or share your itinerary. 

  • First and foremost, open the Retrieve Air Reservation page. Then, go ahead and get all the details of your dissertation. 
  • Once you get the details through the manage booking tool, the option of “print or e-mail” will appear at the top of your page. 
  • Furthermore, tap on “e-mail your flight itinerary.” 
  • In this tab, mention the e-mail address to which you want to share your itinerary. 
  • In no time, you will be able to share your itinerary with the concerned person. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I make changes to my Southwest Booking?

Ans. Yes, Southwest Airlines allows individuals to modify their existing reservations. This is made easy with the Southwest Airlines Manage Booking tool. 

Q. How can one assess their Southwest Reservation? 

Ans. People can easily assess their reservations by heading to Southwest Airlines’ official website. Go ahead and mention the details there, and you can easily view your booking.

Q. Am I eligible to change the flight dates of my Southwest Booking? 

Ans. Yes, people can change their dates on the Southwest flight. You can contact the travel experts by phone and ask them to complete this process.

Q. I wish to carry more luggage with me. Can I add it to my Southwest Booking? 

Ans. If you are willing to carry more luggage with you, you can add it to your already-made reservation by using the manage booking option. Furthermore, you need to pay the fee associated with it. 

Q. How can I choose the seat of my choice with Southwest? 

Ans. Go ahead and pick the seat of your choice. If you didn’t at the time of booking, use the manage booking tool and get ready to fly off by selecting your favorite seat. 

Q. Can I add a wheelchair for my aged family member to my Southwest Booking? 

Ans. Whether it’s an aged individual or a child, one can always add amenities for them to their Southwest Booking. Simply use the manage booking option on the official website and add your desired services.

Q. What if I get stuck while completing the manage booking procedure? 

Ans. Those who face any issues when completing the manage booking procedure can easily contact the travel experts via phone. The Southwest Airlines team is available 24 hours a day to assist its flyers. 

Q. What ways can I use to make modifications to my Southwest reservation?

Ans. One can either head to the official website to make the modifications or call the travel team and let them do so. In addition to this one can use the mobile application of Southwest too. 

Q. How many times can I modify my bookings with Southwest? 

Ans. People can make changes to their reservations as many times as they want. However, they will have to pay the difference in airfare. 

Q. Is cancellation possible with the Southwest Airlines Manage booking option? 

Ans. The manage booking tool makes it easy for people to cancel their reservations. They can use either an online or offline method.

Q. Can I change my Southwest Airlines flight without paying any fee? 

Ans. People are eligible to change their flights within 24 hours from the booking time without paying any charges or penalties.  

Q. Is it important to get travel insurance to Catch a flight with Southwest Airlines?

Ans. No, travel insurance is not compulsory. However, it is always recommended that you get it to keep yourself safe from any unpredictable situations that may arise. 

Q. How can I speak to the Southwest Airlines team? 

Ans. You can either use the contact details on their official website or chat with the travel experts. 

Q. Am I eligible for adding meals as per my choice to my Southwest Booking?

Ans. Yes, people can add their favorite meal to their Southwest Booking. Those who forget to do so at the time of booking can use the manage booking option to do so. 

Q. Is there a Southwest mobile application? 

Ans. Southwest’s application is available for iOS and Android devices. Download it and make the required modifications to your reservation.

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