JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy

JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy: How to Add a Bag & Fees

Traveling and luggage are virtually indivisible. While traveling by air, you have to be extra cautious. You don’t want to lose your essentials or even the baggage allowance. So, by being aware of JetBlue Airlines baggage policy, you can get all the important details regarding the baggage allowance and regulations. Also, you can get yourself away from paying the unnecessary additional baggage fees.

So, if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on baggage penalties and want to pack your luggage as per the set guidelines, then this guide is surely for you. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve included all the crucial details, including:

  • JetBlue Airlines Baggage Policy 
  • Restrictions
  • Excess Baggage Fees
  • Important FAQs 

So, let’s begin with the key points of JetBlue Airlines Carry-on Baggage Policy first.

Major Highlights of JetBlue Airlines Carry-On Baggage Policy

Highlights of JetBlue Airlines Carry-On Baggage Policy

JetBlue Airlines permits the flyers to bring one carry-on baggage and one personal item, including a briefcase and a small backpack, etc. However, there are some rules or guidelines that every flyer must follow while traveling with JetBlue Airlines:

  • All the Blue, Basic Plus, and Blue Extra Mint fare can bring one carry-on and a personal item that fits in the overhead bin. The personal item includes a daypack, purse, laptop bag, or approved pet carrier as well.
  • As per the carry-on baggage policy, the dimensions of the carry-on baggage must not exceed by 22 x 14  x 9 including the handles and wheels. Moreover, the personal item’s dimensions must remain  17  x 13 x 8 in.
  • Moreover, additional or large carry-on baggage will be permitted by paying a fee.
  • The fee for the 1st and 2nd  additional or large carry-on baggage is  $65 and $180 for the 3rd baggage.
  • Furthermore, if you have added a pet to your Blue Basic reservation, you can bring your personal item along with the approved pet carrier.

List of Items that are Restricted on JetBlue Airlines as Carry-on Items:

There are a bunch of items that are prohibited on JetBlue Airlines as carry-on items. The prohibited items include:

  • Spare blades
  • Any device with a folding or retractable blade
  • Box cutters
  • Ice axes/ice picks
  • Knives
  • Ammunition
  • Swords
  • Metal scissors with pointed tips  
  • Sabers
  • Straight razors 
  • BB guns
  • Compressed air guns
  • Firearms
  • Starter pistols
  • Flare guns
  • Gun lighters
  • Gun powder
  • Parts of guns and firearms
  • Pellet guns
  • Realistic replicas of firearms

Note – If you bring any of the above listed prohibited items, then there are possibility that you’ll be civilly or criminally prosecuted. 

What is JetBlue Airlines Carry-On Baggage Policy For Infants?

If you are planning your trip with your infant on JetBlue Airlines, then you don’t have to worry. The airline has a special carry-on baggage policy for infants. However, there are some points that you must be aware of as a parent regarding this policy:

  • As per the infant policy, all the children under the age of 2 are allowed to sit on the lap of their parents.
  • Also, as per the rule, the parents can bring a diaper bag along with the personal items and carry-ons as the baggage for their child.
  • Furthermore, the parents can bring car seats and strollers on a flight at no additional charge.

Key Points of JetBlue Airlines Checked Baggage Policy 

As per the JetBlue Airlines Checked Baggage Policy, travelers can bring their checked baggage to their selected travel destination. As per the rule, they can add 2 checked baggage at the time of making a flight reservation on JetBlue Airlines. However, if you are traveling on JetBlue Airlines for the very first time, then you must keep the following points in your mind while adding your checked baggage to your flight itinerary:

  • As we mentioned earlier, JetBlue Airlines permits its passengers to add upto 2 checked baggage during the flight reservation or when they arrive at the airport.
  • However, if you have more than 2 checked baggage, then you can add the additional baggage by paying the additional baggage fees to the airline.
  • So, you can add your additional baggage to your reservation 24 hours before the departure of your flight or at the airport.
  • In addition, according to the JetBlue Airlines checked baggage guideline, the dimension of the checked baggage must not exceed by 157.48 cm. Plus, the weight must remain at 22.68 kg.

What does JetBlue Airlines Overweight or Oversized Baggage State?

  • Baggage that doesn’t meet the dimensions or weight restrictions of JetBlue Airlines are considered as Overweight or Oversized baggage.
  •  The airline charges fees from the passengers for such overweight or Oversized of baggage. 
  • As per the oversized/overweight baggage policy, if the weight of the baggage is 23.13 kg – 44.91 kg, then they need to pay $150 as a fee.
  • Moreover, as per the rule, if the baggage weight exceeds by 31.75 kg is not accepted by JetBlue Airlines on transatlantic flights.
  • On JetBlue Airlines, all the items such as skimboard, golf bag, skis, snowboard are counted as one of the checked baggage. So, the passengers can add such items to their reservation at any time.

What if the  Baggage is Delayed or Damaged at JetBlue Airlines?

Baggage is Delayed or Damaged at JetBlue Airlines

If you are a first-time traveler on JetBlue Airlines, and you notice that your baggage is damaged or has not arrived at the airport, then you can follow the given points:

In case of Delayed Baggage 

If your baggage has not arrived at the airport at a particular time, then you can follow the given instructions:

  • You must reach out to the baggage claim desk representative as soon as the baggage stops at the carousel.
  • Also, make sure to provide the accurate details of your flight and the baggage tags that you received at the check-in time to get back your baggage.
  • With the help of the details, the baggage tracking team will track your baggage. Once they get your baggage, they’ll arrange the delivery to the local address provided by you.
  • Once you receive your baggage, inform JetBlue Airlines that you’ve received your luggage without any damage.

In Case of Damaged Baggage 

  • JetBlue Airlines always ensures that it provides checked baggage to you without any damage. However, exceptions are always there. There can be some circumstances in which the baggage might get damaged during the transit.
  • In such a situation, you must reach out to the JetBlue Airlines baggage department to seek assistance. 
  • JetBlue’s Property Irregularity Report team will assist you in providing the repair damage to your redressal number.

How To Add a Baggage On JetBlue Airlines?

Adding baggage on JetBlue Airlines is simple. To add the baggage to your flight itinerary, follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Begin by visiting the JetBlue Airlines official website.
  • Next, go to the “Manage Trip” section.
  • After that, enter all your details, including your travel destination, origin, and the number of flyers.
  • Once you enter all your details, tap on the “Extras” option.
  • Now, add all your bags to this section.
  • After adding the baggage, pay the required fees (if any).
  • And that’s how you can add baggage to your flight reservation online.

Add Checked Bags At The Airport

If you have forgot to add your baggage online, then no issues. You can add all your baggage at the airport as well. To add the checked baggage at the airport, you must have a boarding pass along with your valid ID.

However, if the checked baggage fee is a little higher than in online mode. Moreover, you might have to wait in long queues at the airport. 

Does JetBlue Airlines Charge Fees for Baggage?

If you are traveling with JetBlue Airlines, then the fee for baggage that you are carrying depends on several factors. These factors include ticket type, destination, size of the baggage, weight, and credit value you have. Moreover, here are some of the points that you must 

  • As per JetBlue airlines baggage policy, you can save around $10 each on your first 2 checked baggage and $5 each on transatlantic flights when you add them before JetBlue check-in.
  • As per the checked baggage rule, the baggage fee is only refundable if the entire reservation is revoked before the departure of your flight.
  • In addition, if you have three or more checked baggage, then they can be applied at the time of check-in or at the airport.
  • On transatlantic routes, the checked baggage fee for three or more baggage is  $200 per bag.
  • However, for all the other routes, the checked baggage for the same number of baggage is $125², and for the  4th (or more) checked bag is $150 per bag.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) 

Q. How many bags can you take on JetBlue for free?

Ans. According to the  JetBlue Airlines baggage policy, you can bring one carry-on baggage along with one personal item for free. However, if you are a Blue Basic ticket holder, then you cannot bring a carry-on baggage. 

Q. How much does JetBlue charge per bag?

Ans. The fee for additional baggage on JetBlue Airlines depends on various factors such as ticket type, destination, size of the baggage, and weight. As per the baggage policy, the fee for additional baggage ranges between $125-$200.

Q. Does JetBlue allow a carry-on bag on flights?

Ans. Yes, JetBlue Airlines allow passengers to bring carry-on baggage without paying any additional fees. However, you must ensure that you are keeping your baggage in the overhead bin.

Q. What are the rules for checked bags?

Ans. According to the JetBlue Airlines checked baggage policy, you can bring 2 checked baggage without paying any baggage charges. However, if you are bringing 3 or more baggage, then you have to pay a baggage fee of around $200.

Q. How do I eliminate the checked bag fees on JetBlue?

Ans. You can avoid the checked baggage fees on JetBlue Airlines by becoming a Mint or Mosaic program member. As per the rule, if you are a member of the Mint or Mosaic program, then you can check your two baggage without any fees.

Q. How much does JetBlue compensate the travelers if their baggage is lost?

Ans. JetBlue Airlines provides compensation for travelers who have lost their baggage due to airline’s fault. However, the compensation depends on the flight’s type and the damage that happened.

Q. What is not allowed in carry-on baggage on JetBlue?

Ans. There are several items that are not allowed to be brought on JetBlue Airlines. The items that are not permitted on the flight include- Spare blades, Box cutters, BB guns, sabers, ammunition etc.

Q. What is the weight limit for a carry-on on JetBlue Airlines?

Ans. The weight limit for carry-on baggage on a JetBlue flight is 22 x 14  x 9, including the handles and wheels for free. However, you can carry another carry-on baggage by paying a fee to the airline.

Q. How to get free carry-on JetBlue?

Ans. If you want to get your carry-on baggage on JetBlue Airlines for free, then make sure your baggage is under the dimensions set by the airline.

Q. Does a backpack count as a personal item on JetBlue?

Ans. Yes, a backpack is counted as a personal item on JetBlue Airlines. The individual items include a purse, small backpack, briefcase, laptop, etc. So, you can bring your backpack as an item for the JetBlue flight.

Q. Can I bring 3 bags on JetBlue?

Ans. Yes, you can bring 3 checked baggage items to JetBlue Airlines. However, if you have three baggage, then you have to pay $125 to JetBlue Airlines as additional checked baggage fees.

Q. Is JetBlue strict about its baggage policy?

Ans. Yes, JetBlue Airlines has become really strict when it comes to its baggage policy. The airline always ensures that the passengers bring their baggage as per the dimensions and weight set by the airline. However, if the baggage weight and size limit exceeds, in such a situation the airlines charges a fee accordingly.

Q. How do I add my baggage to a JetBlue flight?

Ans. You can easily add your baggage to the JetBlue Airlines flight via their official website. All you need to do is log into your “Manage Trip” account and follow the on-screen prompts to add the baggage. Once you add the baggage, pay the fee to complete the process.

Q. Can I add my baggage on a JetBlue Airlines flight at the airport?

Ans. Yes, you can add your baggage on a JetBlue Airlines flight at the airport. All you need to do is connect with the airline representative. After that, provide all the required details. Also, pay the baggage fee to complete the process.

Q. Does a diaper bag count as a carry-on JetBlue?

Ans. As per the JetBlue Airlines baggage policy for infants parents can easily bring a diaper bag on the flight. Not only a diaper bag, but they can also bring a stroller and a car seat as well for their child.

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