Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy

A Comprehensive Guide on Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy!

Did you finalize your reservations with Allegiant Airlines and enter the misspelled name by mistake? Well, if you did so, you must be worried. However, you do not have to stress over it, as Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy allows individuals to complete the procedure seamlessly. By knowing about this policy in detail, one can go ahead and finalize all the changes in the name in no time. 

Through the comprehensive guide right here, you will learn not just about the policy but also the procedure for completing the name change process. So continue reading and make the Allegiant name change a hassle-free and seamless process.

What is the Name Change Policy of Allegiant Airlines?

Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy

Flyers can always make changes to their name using the procedure given above. However, one should have some information about the name change policy also.

Once the passengers know about the name change policy, they can complete the procedure without confusion. 

So, if you are one such traveler who wants to make corrections to their name, know about its policy from the points given below.

  • Firstly, people can make minor changes to your traveler’s name, like spelling mistakes.
  • When one makes the changes to their name within 24 hours from the time of reservation, then they do not have to pay any fee for it. Remember, in this scenario, your departure date should be at least seven days away. 
  • Furthermore, full last name changes are allowed by the airline only if you got married or divorced. Also, the documents for the same have to be attached. 
  • Moreover, flyers are eligible for modifications only up to four letters. Remember that you cannot transfer the ticket to anyone else’s name.
  • In addition, those in flag strip or business class are eligible to change their names up to one hour before the flight’s departure time. 
  • As per the Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy, if a passenger makes a huge mistake and wishes to change their existing name, they will have to cancel the booking and make a new reservation. 
  • One is not allowed to transfer their ticket to someone else’s name. 
  • To change the passenger’s name, one can either head to the official website or do it while on a call with the travel expert. 
  • Individuals are allowed to complete the name change process only if they purchase the ticket via the airline’s official website or receive a phone call from the airline’s team. 
  • Remember, you must pay the penalty if you do not follow the Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy.

How to correct the name via the official site?

Allegiant Airlines caters to the needs of all its flyers. Flyers who made an Allegiant Airlines Booking and now want to make corrections to their names can do so quickly. The airline has set up a simple procedure for name changes or modifications. 

Refer to the points below to learn the procedure for correcting your name if you hold an Allegiant airline ticket.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Allegiant Airlines.
  • Once the site opens up, click on the login tab.
  • Now, Go ahead to enter your e-mail address and password.
  • When your account opens, you need to click on the “manage booking” tab.
  • Furthermore, in this step, you need to enter the passenger’s name, code number, and contact information in the fields.
  • Go ahead to select the option of “edit” and fill in the correct name. 
  • Remember, sometimes, flyers need to pay the fee for the name change. 

Which are the additional online name change methods?

additional online name change methods

The airline has laid out various online ways for flyers to complete the name change procedure. In addition to visiting the official website, there are other online ways. Go ahead and read the information below, and you will find additional online ways to complete the Allegiant Airlines Name Correction process. 

Use the mobile application

Allegiant Airlines has a mobile application. You can download it from the Apple Store or Play Store and use it to complete the name correction process. Once you download and install the app on your device, you need to open it and follow the instructions, which will lead to the name change. As soon as you follow the whole procedure, the airline will send you the confirmation of it to your registered email.

Offline ways to complete name change

Apart from the online ways of name change, there are a few offline ways, too. Flyers who do not wish to use the online method laid down by the airline can easily switch to the offline process. Below are the offline ways using which you can make changes to your name on an allegiant ticket in no time. 

Via the phone number

Do you wish to complete the name change procedure only by speaking with the travel representative directly on call? If yes, then use the contact details available on the airline’s official website to speak with the team. Once you talk with the Allegiant Airlines travel team, go ahead and inform them that you wish to make changes to your name. As soon as the airline completes the process, they will send the confirmation to your mail. If you want to know about the Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy, then go ahead to ask the expert on the phone call. 

At the airport

If you have to make the name change at the last minute, you need to talk to the team at the airport. At the Allegiant ticket counter, you need to speak with a team member and let them know about the name change. If it is possible to complete the name change, they will do it for you and confirm the changes. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How many maximum changes can I make to my Allegiant ticket? 

Ans. One can change up to 4 total characters in the whole name. 

Q. How do I make changes to my name via the official website?

Ans. To complete the name change, go to the official website and use the manage booking option.

Q. Under what situations does Allegiant allow name change on the ticket? 

Ans. One is eligible to complete the name change procedure in case they get divorced, married, or there was some other minor spelling mistake. However, they need to provide the documents to prove the same.

Q. How do I complete the name change without paying any fee?

Ans. To complete the name change without paying any amount, you must do it as soon as possible. Complete the procedure within 24 hours of making the reservation.

Q. How do I find detailed information on Allegiant Airlines Name Change Policy? 

Ans. To learn about this policy in detail, speak with the travel representatives by phone or read the policy on the official website. 

Q. I want to change my surname because I just got married. How can I do it? 

Ans. With Allegiant Airlines, you can easily change your name. In case you got married, go ahead to use the online and offline ways for completing the names in the procedure.

Q. Can I transfer my Allegiant Airlines ticket to someone else? 

Ans. No, people cannot transfer their ticket to someone else’s name. However, you can request for name change by paying the required fee. 

Q. Can I chat with the team of Allegiant Airlines? 

Ans. Yes, go ahead and find the chat box on Allegiant Airlines’ official website, drop your query, and the team will assist you immediately.

Q. Am I eligible for completing a name change with Allegiant if I bought the ticket via a third-party travel agent? 

Ans. Individuals who bought the ticket through a third-party agent can still change the name. However, they will have to pay the fee associated with it. 

Q. Will the team of Allegiant change my name on the ticket via phone call? 

Ans. One can easily connect with the travel expert by phone and ask them to complete the name change procedure. 

Q. I have a group reservation with Allegiant Airlines. Can I change my name in this case? 

Ans. If you made a group reservation with Allegiant Airlines, you need to speak with the travel experts by phone and tell them about this situation.

Q. In how many days will the Allegiant team change my name if I request it?

Ans. The airline completes the name change procedure within just a few business days. However, one should try to complete the process as soon as they can. 

Q. I hold a nonrefundable Allegiant ticket. Can I still change my name? 

Ans. The name gene procedure is allowed for all types of Flyers. So, no matter what ticket you bought, you can always complete the name change process. 

Q. Can I complete the name change using the Allegiant mobile application? 

Ans. Allegiant airline launched their mobile application, using which completing the name change becomes seamless. 

Q. Is it compulsory to pay the Allegiant airline name change charges? 

Ans. To complete the procedure, one must pay the fee associated with a name change. Furthermore, you will be informed of the total cost for a name change once you complete the procedure. 

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