Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy

Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy- Know The Rules And Limitations Here!

Are you ready to board a flight with Allegiant Airlines and willing to learn about its baggage policy? Whenever we travel, it is important to know about the baggage policy of the airline we have made reservations with. Furthermore, when one learns about Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy in advance, it becomes easy for them to carry things with them accordingly. 

Also, it helps in avoiding any misunderstandings or issues that may arise in the future.  Your search for knowing about the baggage policy of Allegiant Airlines ends here. You have landed on a page that will inform you of all the rules and regulations associated with the baggage. Simply read the guide and find important information about the same.  

What is the Allegiant Baggage Policy? 

Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy

Individuals who are going to reach their final destination by traveling with Allegiant Airlines have to know about its baggage in detail. This will help them in avoiding any confusion or misunderstanding associated with baggage in the future. The information written below explains the policy in detail. Continue reading!

Checked Baggage

Read out the pointers below and find out about the allowance of checked baggage at Allegiant Airlines. 

  • First and foremost, one is allowed to carry the checked baggage with them. The maximum number of checked baggage you can purchase is four.
  • One piece of checked baggage is cost-free by Allegiant Airlines. However, its weight should not exceed 40 lbs or 18 KG. 
  • Moreover, the maximum dimensions for Jag baggage are 80 inches or 203 centimeters, including length, width, and height. 

Check-in baggage

The Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy you need to follow for check-in baggage is as follows-

  • In the case of check-in baggage, each flyer is eligible to carry one piece as a carry-on. This is one personal item, which may be a small bag, purse, Laptop bag, Etc.
  • One is allowed to carry a carry-on bag that fits in front of the seat or the overhead cabin. 
  • Make sure that the dimensions for the carry-on bag are not more than 7 X 15 X 16 inches.

Overhead and oversized baggage 

In case of oversized or overweight baggage, one needs to keep the following things in mind. 

  • Individuals whose bags weigh more than 18 kg or 40 lbs will have to pay additional charges. 
  • The team will let you know about the charges either at the airport or via the official website.

Sports Equipment and Special Items

Do you have any sports equipment or other special items that you want to take along with you on the Allegiant flight? If yes, then you must be aware of the Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy associated with such items. The points given below will explain the same.

  • A few things have been put under the category of special items. So, if you are willing to carry any of these, like artwork, you can take it with you. However, Allegiant Airlines will charge an extra amount for the same.
  • Furthermore, one needs to make sure that they inform the airline’s team about such things in advance.
  • In addition, Allegiant Airlines allows people to take along sports equipment, such as golf clubs, skis, surfboards, etc. 
  • As per the Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy, the airline will charge for such items either directly at the airport, or you may go ahead to pay for it online also via the official website.

Some additional information about baggage at Allegiant Airlines

The information above explains the airline’s baggage policy in detail. However, there are other points to keep in mind. 

  • Firstly, individuals need to make sure that they pay for their additional baggage. Without paying the fee, they are not eligible to take along the stuff. 
  • Make the payment either via the official website directly or by reaching the airport. 
  • Allegiant Airline also offers the option to pre-pay for baggage online. Remember that the fee for baggage at the airport is higher than that asked online.  

One can complete the Allegiant Check-in procedure also through the official website and save time at the airport.

How to add more bags to my Allegiant reservation?

How to add more bags to my Allegiant reservation


Adding more baggage limit to your Allegiant reservation is seamless and hassle-free. One does not have to follow any complicated procedure to do so. Furthermore, there are both online and offline ways using which one can complete this process. 

So, if you want to add more baggage to your Allegiant booking, you can pick any of the ways mentioned below. 

Through the official website

One of the easiest and most used ways of adding more baggage is to head to the official website. As this is an online method, one can use it according to their convenience and time schedule. By following the simple steps mentioned below, you will be able to add more baggage successfully.

  • Open the official website of Allegiant Airlines on your web browser. 
  • Go ahead to then go to the ‘Manage booking’ option. 
  • Once you click on this option, a new page will appear on your screen, where you will have to enter your booking confirmation code and the passenger’s last name.
  • As soon as the booking appears on your screen, you should look for the option to “add more baggage.” 
  • Use this option and add the number of bags you want to.
  • Lastly, pay the baggage fee Allegiant asks for, and the airline will mail you a confirmation of your increased baggage limit. 

On a phone call

Apart from heading to the official website for the increased baggage limit, you can connect with the Allegiant Airlines team directly on call. The team is there to assist their Flyers with all kinds of issues at all times. 

Find the contact details from the official website to speak with the airline’s representatives. Go ahead and inform them about your booking details, which they will use to add the baggage limit. As soon as it is done, the airline will send you the confirmation of the same to the registered email.

What is the baggage fee at Allegiant?

Do you have extra stuff with you? If you have to carry more luggage than the set limit by Allegiant Airlines, then you will have to pay the fee for it. Also, the charges depend on the number of additional bags you are going to take with you. 

Go ahead to learn about the fee structure set by Allegiant Airlines through the table given below-

Number of BagsWeight Limit per BagSize Limit per BagCharges 
1Up to 40 lbsUp to 80 linear inchesCharges vary based on route, time of purchase, and method of purchase (online vs. airport)
2Up to 40 lbsUp to 80 linear inches Charges vary depending on route, time of purchase, and method of purchase
3Up to 40 lbs Up to 80 linear inches Charges vary depending on route, time of purchase, and method of purchase
4Up to 40 lbs Up to 80 linear inches Charges vary depending on route, time of purchase, and method of purchase 

Note—The amount for extra bags that you have to pay at the airport is more than what the airline charges online. So, try to add additional baggage online in advance. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How many carry-on baggage is allowed by Allegiant Airlines cost-free? 

Ans. The Allegiant allows individuals to take along one carry-on bag without paying a fee. However, keep in mind the dimensions of this bag.

Q. How many maximum checked baggage can I take along on Allegiant Flight? 

Ans. Individuals are allowed to take a maximum of up to four bags as checked baggage. They must pay the charges for them.

Q. What are the size restrictions for carry-on bags at Allegiant Airlines?

Ans. In the case of a carry-on bag, the dimensions cannot be more than 7X15X16 inches. 

Q. Can I get additional bags for my trip online? 

Ans. You can easily purchase additional bags online by heading to Allegiant Airlines’ official website or mobile application. 

Q. Is there any mobile application launched by legend airlines? 

Ans. Yes, one can easily download the mobile application on their preferred device. Whether you have an iOS or Android phone, you can download it in no time.

Q. Where is the baggage fee cheaper- At the airport or online? 

Ans. The fee one pays online is much less than that at the airport. So try to purchase your bags online.

Q. Am I eligible to bring along sports equipment on the Allegiant flight? 

Ans. Yes, as per the Allegiant Airlines Baggage Policy, one can also take along sports equipment or other special items. However, a fee has to be paid for it. 

Q. Can I pay for my additional bags in advance? 

Ans. Yes, Allegiant Airlines offers pre-pay bag services. You can pay the amount online. 

Q. Are gels and liquids allowed by Allegiant on their flights? 

Ans. One cannot take along a huge amount of gels or liquids as they are part of restricted items of Allegiant Airlines. However, some quantities of these are allowed. The same will be informed to you by the airline’s team. 

Q. Where can I find detailed information on Allegiant Airlines baggage policy? 

Ans. Visit the airline’s official website to find all the details associated with its baggage policy. 

Q. What to do if I found my baggage In a damaged condition? 

Ans. In case of a situation like baggage loss or damage, contact the airline’s team as soon as you can and inform them about the same. 

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