Airlines Seat Selection Policy

A Comprehensive Guide On United Airlines Seat Selection Policy!

Every traveler’s top priority is comfort. No matter what the destination is, we want to reach it by enjoying the utmost comfort. Especially, when we talk about air travel, we want to pick a seat of our choice and make the booking for it. One of the most chosen airlines for air travel is United. In order to reach your final destination without any hassles, one must know about the United Airlines seat selection policy. 

Is it time for you to make reservations for your next trip? If yes, then the guide right here is going to help you in endless ways. Choose United Airlines as your travel partner and enjoy home-like comfort in the air even when you are miles away from home. 

Overview of United Seat Selection Policy 

United Seat Selection Policy 

Unlike in the past, one does not have to put in extra effort for a comfortable air journey. Simply go ahead to pick the seat of your choice and have an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. 

The points below explain United Airlines seat selection policy in detail. Use the pointers to make bookings for your next trip with ease. Read on! 

  • First and foremost, travelers can pick their seats while making their reservations through the official website or by phone. 
  • Furthermore, United Airlines Seat Selection is cost free for all the travel classes except Basic Economy.
  • Moreover, this airline allows individuals to pick the seat as per travellers choice except for Basic Economy.  
  • In addition, flyers are eligible to choose a seat or change their seats for most United and United Express-operated flights. 
  • For the Basic Economy class, the team of United Airlines will assign you a seat at the time of check-in or at the departure gate. 

Are there multiple seat options available at United?

United Airlines offers various seating types for its Flights. Furthermore, these seats are available so that individuals with every budget and need can make reservations. 

The table below shows the seat types and the services that one gets along with it in detail.  

Good seatsBetter seatsBest seats
Seating optionsBasic Economy®Economy®Economy Plus®Premium Economy℠United First®United Polaris®
Located in the airplaneBasic economy seats- Back of the plane
Preferred seating-middle of the plane 
In front of economy cabinAt the front part of the aircraft
LegroomStandard space and legroomMore legroom and space than basic economy/premium economyEnough legroom and space
Premier servicesNot available Not available Priority check-in and access to security lanes and priority boarding
Reclining seatsNot available Not available Seats get converted to beds of size 6 feet, 6 inches. Also, seats have direct Access to aisle.
Meals offeredFull meal provided, including refreshments and snacks

How to pick your desired seat with United? 

Confirming your bookings with this airline is seamless. You do not have to put in any extra effort to get the seat of your choice for your next flight. 

As per the United Airlines Seat Selection Policy, a person can either buy the ticket when making the online booking through the official website or get in touch with the travel representatives by phone. 

Book your seat via the official website

The easiest way to confirm the booking for your desired seat is to head to the official United website. 

Here are the steps one needs to follow to complete this procedure- 

  • Start by opening the official website on your web browser. 
  • Furthermore, fill in your travel details, such as arrival and departure destination, travel dates, type of class, etc. 
  • Once you select the flight, you should look for the “seat selection” option. 
  • Tap on it and then see the seat map on your screen. 
  • Finally, pick the seat from the map shown. 
  • Finally, make the payment, and you will be ready for your next amazing air travel experience. 

Book your seat on the phone call

Those willing to skip the online ticket booking method can contact the travel representatives at United throughout the day. Moreover, the team of this airline is available to assist 24*7. Speak with the expert and ask them to make the reservation for you. 

Once you get the flight of your choice, the next thing you need to do is let the team member know the seat you are willing to book. According to the United Airlines Seat Selection Policy, the airline will finalize your booking in no time if the seat is available with the airline. 

Select the seat after booking and have hassle-free air travel! 

Did you not pick a seat for yourself when you made the reservation with United? Well, no worries! You can do it even after your booking is confirmed. This airline has laid down a very simple process for selecting the seats even after the flyer has made the booking. 

Follow the steps given below and Choose the seat of your choice with United. 

  • Start by heading to the official website of United Airlines. 
  • Go to the Manage Booking section on the site’s home page. 
  • Fill in your flight details, which are the booking Confirmation number and last name of the passenger. 
  • Once you enter the correct details, tap on “Search.” 
  • Here, you will see your United Airlines booking. 
  • Click on the “edit” icon on the site’s right side. 
  • Furthermore, tap on the “seat selection” option. 
  • In no time, a seat map will open up. 
  • Lastly, go ahead to pick your desired seat and complete the United Airlines Seat Assignment with ease.

Can I upgrade my seat with United Airlines? 

Upgrading your seat is not a complicated task when you choose United as your air travel partner. The Flyers can upgrade their seats once their booking is finalized. 

Are you also one of the individuals who realized the need to upgrade the seat after the reservation was confirmed? If yes, then you simply need to speak with the United Airlines travel team. Get assistance from the team as per your time schedule and upgrade the booking without any hassles. The contact details of the airline are mentioned on the airline’s official website. 

Is there a fee for seat selection?

fee for seat selection

United Airlines understands the budget of the flyers. Thus, they do not ask for a huge amount 

  • Individuals who are members of United’s loyalty program are eligible to upgrade their seats without paying any cost. However, not all individuals have access to seat upgrades for free. 
  • This airline also offers complimentary seat selection for some particular travel classes. To know more about it, one must contact the travel experts of the airline. 
  • In addition, basic economy tickets are not eligible for cost-free seat selection. Those who hold this ticket have to pay the fee laid down by the airline to get the seat of their choice. 

Final words

Read the United Airlines Seat Selection Policy from the detailed guide here and make your upcoming air travel the best experience of your life. Choose the seat of your wish and finalize the reservations in no time. Get ready to feel the utmost comfort and make your journey comfortable. Without delaying your travel plans, fly off with United airlines. Tick off your next bucket list destination in a hassle free manner.


Q. Can I upgrade my seat once the booking is confirmed? 

Ans. Every individual is eligible to upgrade their reservation with United. However, if you hold a Basic Economy ticket, you are not allowed to upgrade. Apart from this ticket, all others are eligible for upgradation. 

Q. Are travelers allowed to pick or change their seat assignments for all fair classes? 

Ans. United Airlines allows each flyer to either choose their favorite seat or change the seat assignment. The only exemption is for Basic economy class Flyers. Furthermore, for this type of ticket, one can purchase the seat assignment either at the time of booking or once check-in opens up. 

Q. What ways can I use to choose my seat after booking? 

Ans. Individuals can either head to the official website and complete the upgrade process or speak with the travel experts by phone and let them complete this procedure for them. Make sure you provide the team with the correct booking details. 

Q. Can I use the United phone application to select seats? 

Ans. United Airlines launched its application, which can be used on Android and iOS devices. Download the application on your device and use it to complete the seat selection process. 

Q. Is my desired seat guaranteed on the United flight? 

Ans. The passengers must be aware that getting the seat of their choice is subject to availability. Thus, it is not always guaranteed that you will get the seat you are looking for. Furthermore, it is advised to complete the seat selection procedure as soon as possible so that you do not miss out on your favorite seat. 

Q. How much is the fees for seat selection at United? 

Ans. Firstly, United Airlines does not charge a fee for seat selection if you are a member of the airline’s loyalty program. Furthermore, the fee is charged if you are willing to select a seat on a Basic Economy flight. The airline’s team informs you of the exact fee for seat selection when you contact them via call. 

Q. Can I complete the United seat selection without paying any fee? 

Ans. United Airlines seat selection is a free process for all travel classes except for Basic Economy. So those who opt for classes other than Basic Economy do not have to pay any amount for selecting the seat of their choice. 

Q. What are the preferred seats on United Airlines? 

Ans. This airline calls economy standard seats as preferred seats which are almost similar to the basic economy seats. 

Q. What are the different seating options from which flyers can choose?

Ans. The different seating options are Basic Economy, Economy, Economy Plus, Premium Economy, United First, and United Polaris.

Q. Is it possible to choose my seat directly at the airport?

Ans. Yes, flyers can choose their seats by reaching the airport. At the airport, you will find the United Airlines counter. Go ahead and speak to them and let them know about seat selection. If your desired seat is still available, the travel representative will assign it to you.

Q. Do Elite Members get any benefit while booking their seats with United? 

Ans. Elite Members benefit when they choose a seat with United Airlines for their air travel. Some of the benefits include priority boarding and check-in. 

Q. When can I purchase the Premium Economy ticket? 

Ans. Individuals are eligible to purchase the Premium Economy Ticket only at check-in. If you have a basic economy ticket and are willing to upgrade it, you must contact the travel representative at check-in to get the premier Economy ticket. 

Q. Is the legroom of different seats of United different from one another? 

Ans. Well, yes! United First and United Polaris have the most legroom and space. Furthermore, these reclining seats turn into a long bed. However, Basic Economy, Economy, Economy Plus, and Premium Economy have much less space than the above-mentioned seats. So, those who are looking to board a longer flight must choose from United First or United Polaris. 

Q. Can I chat with the travel team in case of any queries?

Ans. Open the official United Airlines website and chat with the travel representatives. They will answer your questions and provide you with all the information you are looking for. 

Q. How can I upgrade my seat without spending a huge amount on it? 

Ans. United Airlines does not charge you any amount for upgradation unless you hold a Basic economy flight ticket. However, the best way to avoid all kinds of charges is by signing up as a member of the loyalty program that this airline offers. 

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