Pristine Beaches To Cobblestone Streets

Pristine Beaches To Cobblestone Streets-  Top European Destinations To Visit in Summers!

Europe is a continent unlike any other. Its charm and views cannot be compared to any other place around the world. No matter which country, town, or village you visit, when in Europe, you will always be amazed to witness it. The beauty that European destinations hold is second to none. Are you looking for a guide that helps you figure out the Top European Destinations to Visit in Summers? However, do not search any further through the detailed guide right here. You will find out Various European destinations that are worth exploring. 

So, continue reading to find out about every must-visit European destination for your next summer vacation. 

Top European Destinations to Visit in Summers

There are way too many countries, cities, islands, and destinations in Europe that will amaze you with their beauty and culture. Thus, to save you the trouble of finding the best in all, here are the names of top European Destinations to visit in summers-

Top European Destinations to Visit in Summers: Paris

Paris, France

Get ready to feel love in the air once you land in Paris. Popularly Known as the City of Love, Paris is definitely one of the must visit European cities. Moreover, it is known as the Fashion Hub. For those who are planning to run away with their loved ones and spend romantic time together, this is the place for you. This top European destination to visit in summer awaits you with open arms. 

Popular things to do in Paris:

There are a lot of things the beautiful city of Paris is famous for. Below is the list of things people love to do in the Love City:

  • Vist Musée du Louvre.
  • Watch and have breakfast near Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel).
  • Walk through Jardin des Tuileries.
  • Have fun at Disneyland Paris.
  • Must see a Fashion Show.
  • Take a city tour, visit some historical places and enjoy breathtaking views of the city.
  • Make your tooth sweet by tasting mouth-watering sweets in Paris.
  • Visit Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre (Sacre-Coeur).
  • Watch rich collection at Musée d’Orsay.
  • Enjoy art at Musee de l’Orangerie.
  • Palais Garnier – Opera National de Paris.
  • Enjoy nature at Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg).
  • Arc de Triomphe.
  • See modern art in Centre Pompidou.
  • Concerts at Sainte-Chapelle.
  • Take a cruise on the Seine River.
  • Visit Pantheon.
  • Beat the heat on beaches near Paris.

Travel within and to Paris: 

Paris has two widely used airports- Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Orly Airport. These airports are used for reaching flights. However, once you are at the airport, you can easily hire a cab and let the driver know your hotel or accommodation location. 

Airlines offering flights to Paris- 

  • Air France 
  • Delta Airlines 
  • American Airlines 
  • United Airlines 
  • Lufthansa Airlines 
  • KLM Airlines 
  • British Airways 

 Amsterdam, Netherlands 

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, is one of the top European destinations to visit in summer. It is heaven for all party lovers. If you’re planning to dance your heart out while enjoying a drink, then this is the right place for you. 

From various picnic spots to beautiful museums to amazing food options, you will find everything when in Amsterdam. 

Top European Destinations to Visit in Summers: Amsterdam

Popular things to do around Amsterdam:

Amsterdam is not only about visiting some tourist places, it is about making memories. Moreover, There is much more to do in the city with your loved ones.

Below is the list of some of the best places to explore in Amsterdam-

  • Visit amazing museums in Amsterdam.
  • Take a tour of Anne Frank’s house.
  • Ride a bike around the city.
  • Have a picnic at Vondelpark.
  • Go on a Canal Cruise.
  • Take a night walk at Keizersgracht.
  • Go beer tasting at Heineken Experience.
  • Take a ferry from NDSM Wharf.
  • Take a walk on Magere Brug.
  • See the Royal Palace.
  • Go on food tour and try traditional Amsterdam food.
  • Listen a concert at Concertgebouw.
  • Shop at Albert Cuyp Market.
  • Learn about city’s history at Amsterdam Museum.
  • Visit beautiful beaches in Amsterdam.

Travel within and to Amsterdam: 

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is used by passengers to come and leave Amsterdam. Furthermore, it is easy to go to your final place from the airport. Simply hire a car or use trams, buses, or the metro to reach the hotel.  

Airlines offering flights to Amsterdam- 

  • Air Europa 
  • Delta Airlines 
  • United Airlines 
  • American Airlines 
  • Virgin Atlantic 
  • Air France 
  • Lufthansa Airlines 
  • KLM Airlines 
  • Air Canada  


A renowned Western European country named Germany welcomes endless visitors every year. It is also a must-visit country for all those who are willing to spend time in the future. Once in Germany, you will find forests, mountain ranges, Beaches, Rivers, and lakes. Undoubtedly, How can we not talk about waffles when we are in Germany? So, get rid of your sweet tooth by enjoying the delicious waffles and witnessing the amazing views of nature. 

An interesting fact about Germany is that you will find the locals here rooted in their culture and traditions. Moreover, this country has modernized a lot and is way more developed than it was in the past. Still, people are connected to their roots. This is the Top European Destinations to Visit in Summers.  

Top European Destinations to Visit in Summers: Germany

Popular things to do in Germany:

There are many breathtaking spots in Germany to see, but don’t just visit them; live in them. Each place has a different vibe and aura. Some are very peaceful and may transport you to another world, whereas some are filled with fun, and you might have the best time of your life.

Here are some of the best things to do and live in Germany; try to check as much as you can off the list:

  • Live your fairytale in Neuschwanstein Castle.
  •  Enjoy the graffiti art on the Berlin Wall, Berlin.
  • Take a peaceful walk around Erholungspark Marzahn.
  • Enjoy the nature of Berchtesgaden National Park.
  • Pray at Aachen Cathedral / Imperial Cathedral.
  • See breathtaking views at Schleswig-Holstein.
  • Visit the Middle Rhine Valley and enjoy vineyards, historic towns, and idyllic castles.
  • Don’t forget to get down history lane in Dresden Elbe Valley.
  • Learn the country’s history and enjoy art at Museumsinsel (Museum Island).
  • Visit Old Town of Regensburg.
  • Take a walk around Sanssouci Park.
  • Do visit the Weimar Museums and see stunning architecture and artifacts.
  • Go beer tasting at Schlenkerla Brewery and Tavern.
  • Live the medieval age in Maulbronn Abbey (Kloster Maulbronn).
  • Pay a visit to an old town with over 2000 year of history – Trier.
  • Cool yourself down from all the heat at Europa Park, Rust.
  • You cannot miss the visit to Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor), Berlin.
  • Fan of BMW? Do visit the BMW Museum, Munich.
  • See some amazing arts and crafts at Modelleisenbahn Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg.

Travel to and within Germany: 

The major serving airports of Germany are Frankfurt Airport, Munich International Airport, Düsseldorf Airport, Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, Hamburg Airport and Berlin Tegel “Otto Lilienthal” Airport.  

Airlines offering flights to Germany- 

  • United Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Lufthansa Airlines
  • KLM Airlines
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Air France
  • Air Canada
  • Air Europa
  • TAP Portugal Airlines 


Spain is a country in Southwestern Europe. The currency here is the Euro, and the language is Spanish. This country is known for its beauty and rich culture. Just like in Germany, in Spain, culture and modernization go hand in hand. People have adapted to modern culture but have not let go of their traditional values.

The country is famous for its football, alcohol, beaches, wine, landscapes, towns, and culture. The country has many towns and cities, yet every location seems to be different from one another. However, every town has its own way of doing things: amazing food, pastries, wine, great history, and stunning places to visit. It’s one of the best countries to take a tour with your friends.

Top European Destinations to Visit in Summers: Spain

Popular things to do in Spain:

Spain has so many things which keep the travelers entertained.  Find out about these from the list below-

  • See a Flamenco Show.
  • Watch a Bullfight.
  • Visit Ibiza
  • Eat Spanish cuisine and other food specialty dishes.
  • Attend the Tomatina Tomato Fight (Spanish Festival).
  • See or take part in the running of bulls.
  • Go for skydiving.
  • Visit the Alhambra.
  • Visit art and history museums.
  • Eat Tapas in Madrid.
  • See The Great Mosque of Cordoba.
  • Eat paella in Valencia.
  • See the beauty of Santiago de Compostela.
  • Take a tour of La Sagrada Familia.
  • Go for wine tasting at La Rioja Vineyards.
  • Watch a football game at Santiago Bernabeu or Camp Nou.

Travel to and within Spain:

The best airports in Spain are- Madrid Barajas Airport, Barcelona Airport, Gran Canaria Airport, Alicante Airport, Palma de Mallorca Airport, Valencia Airport, Malaga Airport, and Tenerife South Airport.  

Airlines offering flights to Spain- 

  • American Airlines 
  • Iberia Airlines 
  • United Airlines 
  • Delta Airlines 
  • Air Europa 
  • Finnair 
  • Air Canada 
  • British Airlines 
  • Brussels Airlines 
  • Air France 
  • Lufthansa Airlines 
  • Swiss International Airlines  


There is not a single person who does not have Greece on their bucket list. After watching so many videos and photos of this stunning destination on our Instagram feed, we want to explore it ourselves once. Furthermore, it is famous for its blue and white colored buildings. It’s time to witness these yourself by heading to Greece this summer. 

The Southeastern European country welcomes each traveler with open arms and makes their vacation worthwhile. Once you are here, get ready to witness the black sand beaches and famous blue and white buildings, learn about the interesting history, And experience Greek mythology. Consequently, another famous thing about Greece is its food. If you are fond of seafood, then don’t forget to try it at this destination. What else does a person need when on a trip? Food and surreal views are what we are looking for on our vacation. Add Greece to the list of Top European Destinations to Visit in Summers.

Top European Destinations to Visit in Summers: Greece

Popular things to do in Greece

Greece is filled with amazing places and spots to explore. Whether you are here for the first time or the fifth time, the excitement for exploring these places will remain the same. 

Here is the list of things that you cannot miss exploring- 

  • Take a tour of the Acropolis.
  • Go for an adventurous hike on Mount Olympus.
  • Enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Plastira.
  • Admire the beauty of Santorini.
  • Visit the Delphi
  • Go for trekking and explore Samaria Gorge.
  • See famous Greek artifacts at Acropolis Museum.
  • Watch a show at the Epidaurus Theater.
  • Visit the monasteries of Meteora.
  • Get lost in the Melissani Cave.
  • Feel purity in the air at Hephaestus Temple.
  • Boat through Corinth Canal.
  • Get to know Greek history at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.
  • Pay a visit to the old times at Ancient Corinth.
  • Learn some myths and legends at Ancient Mycenae.
  • Know some history at the Museum of the Kalavryta Holocaust.
  • Take a sunbath and have fun at Balos Beach.
  • Go for hiking at the Corfu Island to the Corfu Trail.
  • Enjoy some art at Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • Visit another beautiful beach in Greece – Psarou Beach.

Travel to and within Greece:

The major airport serving Greece is Athens Airport.  Another airports which can be used are Heraklion Airport, Thessaloniki Airport, and Rhodes Airport. You can choose any of these airports for landing in Greece. 

Airlines offering flights to Greece-

  • American Airlines
  • Iberia Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Air Europa
  • Finnair
  • Air Canada
  • British Airlines
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Air France
  • Lufthansa Airlines
  • Swiss International Airlines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • TAP Portugal Airlines
  • Aer Lingus Airlines 

Other Amazing Destinations to visit in Europe

Apart from the above-mentioned top European Destinations to Visit in Summers, there are many more incredible destinations to visit and have a summer at. Here are some names of more beautiful locations that people cannot miss exploring in Europe- 

  • Austria
  • Switzerland 
  • Croatia
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Czech Republic
  • Cyprus
  • Portugal
  • Ireland

Add the above-mentioned destinations to your itinerary to make your next summer vacation the best of your life. Therefore, if you want spend beautiful time with your loved ones, and make every second count, take the help of the guide here and learn about the top European Destinations to Visit in the summers. 

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