Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy: A Complete Guide for the Passengers

It is quite possible that the plan changes all of a sudden and airlines understand their flyers. If you have booked your ticket and got stuck in any situation. You need to cancel your flight. Delta Airlines allows its passengers to cancel their tickets as per its cancellation policy. 

Once, you go to the website to cancel your flight ticket, you must be aware of the rules and restrictions related to the cancellation so that you do not miss your refund and ask for compensation. Here is all about how to cancel or what is the cancellation fee that Delta Airlines imposes on its passengers. Besides this, grab the knowledge of how you can avoid the cancellation or change fee.       

Delta Airlines 24-hour Cancellation Policy

Delta Airlines allows its passengers to cancel their flight without paying any cancellation fee within 24 hours of the booking. This is the grace period and any passengers can cancel or modify their ticket regardless of the fare type and class. But still, there are some restrictions you must know.   

  • Your flight must be at least seven days after the reservation. 
  • This will not apply to the tickets from the SkyMiles reward account. It comes under the  Delta award ticket cancellation policy.
  • The 24-hour cancellation policy will not work for a booking that includes nine or more passengers.
  • Delta’s cancellation policy will not benefit the rescheduled flights or those who have already redeemed the travel credit. 
  • Refunds will be provided to you within 7-10 working days if the refund requests are made under 24-hour cancellation. 
  • As per Delta Airlines check-in policy, once the passenger checked in, they cannot cancel the flight.

Note: If you want to change your flight instead of cancellation, check out the Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy.

How to Cancel a Flight on Delta Airlines? 

Once you know that you can cancel the flight, you must be aware of the methods of how you can cancel your flight in need and get back the refund. Follow the step-by-step process to cancel your Delta Airlines flights.  

Delta Airlines 24-hour Cancellation Policy

Online Process 

  • Visit and go to the “My Trip” Section. 
  • Enter the confirmation number with the first and last name of the passenger to retrieve the booking.
  • Once you have located your flight booking on the “My Trip” page, click the “Cancel Flight” option. 
  • Select the flight you wish to cancel.
  • Passengers will have to pay a fee to request cancellation on their existing booking.
  • You will receive Delta Airlines flight credit as your ticket cancellation refund. 
  • The original format of the payment method depends on the ticket type and the circumstances of flight cancellation.
  • You will receive a Delta flight ticket refund in 7-10 business days in the original payment format.

Through Phone

If the online method does not work for you, here is another method you can use to cancel your reservation. Call the airlines directly and talk to the representative. Tell them your reason for the cancellation. Follow the steps to cancel the ticket via phone call.   

  • Keep your flight details like confirmation number and other things ready in your hand.
  • Dial the Delta Airlines customer care number. 
  • Ask the agent to cancel your ticket.
  • If you are canceling it within 24 hours, you will not have to pay a fee. (under some restrictions)  
  • Otherwise, you will have to pay an applicable cancellation fee.
  • You can also claim for the refund.

Other Methods 

Although these are the most suitable and preferable ways to cancel a reservation on Delta Airlines yet if you are not comfortable with these, here are other methods to cancel the ticket. Many passengers do not prefer the online method, they always feel doubtful. So, they can cancel their reservation by going to the airport. Tell them the reason and ask for a refund.

Besides this, another method is through the app. Yes, Delta Airlines offers an app to cancel or change the ticket along with many other modifications. Download the app, go to the “My Trip” option, and open the flight that you want to cancel. Then, click on the “Cancel” option.              

How Much is the Cancellation Fee on Delta Airlines?

According to Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy, travelers will have to pay a penalty. Once you are looking to cancel your ticket, you must take a look at the fee structure of the cancellation.

Time- period Basic Economy Refundable Fares Non-Refundable Fares 
Within 24 hours grace period No charge No charge No charge 
After 24 hours risk-free period Not Permitted Up to $500No charge 
Within 24 hours of flight departure Not Permitted Up to $500Up to $500

Does Delta Airlines Provide Refunds or Compensation to the Flyers?

Yes, in some particular conditions, Delta Airlines offers refunds and compensation to its flyers as per their cancellation policy. Sometimes flyers have to cancel the flight due to personal reasons or sometimes they cancel because of a delay which is completely the airline’s fault. So airlines take responsibility and provide a refund. 

If your flight is delayed for 2 hours or more or has been canceled, you can choose an alternative flight or get the ticket price as an eCredit.Apart from this if you do not want to travel, you can claim a refund for an unused part of your journey. Just make sure that your ticket is a refundable ticket. 

Keep These Points in Mind 

  • If the reservation has been canceled from the airline’s side, you will be eligible for a refund. Fill out the Travel Disruption Form
  • Along with that, if the airline has booked your ticket in this situation and you are not ok with it, you can cancel the flight by going to the My Trip option and using the method given before.
  • In the main cabin, you can cancel the flight within 24 hours of the booking and you will receive the full refund in the original form of payment. Apart from this, if you have canceled your flight after 24 hours, you may have to pay a cancellation fee which is up to $200. 
  • Basic economy is non-refundable and if you cancel the flight within 24 hours of the booking you will be charged $99 as the cancellation fee and the rest amount will be refunded as a credit. You can utilize this eCredit as a future Delta flight for up to 1 year.     

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Can I get a refund if I need to cancel my flight?

Ans. Yes, Delta Airlines offers refunds to its flyers on ticket cancellation as per their cancellation policy. You just need to check if your ticket I refundable or non-refundable. For example, basic economy is a non-refundable ticket so you will get the refund by minimizing your cancellation fee.   

Q. Can I cancel my flight without being charged by Delta?

Ans. You can cancel your flight without paying a single fee if you are canceling it within 24 hours of the booking. Along with that, you must remember that your flight should be seven days away from the day of booking.

Q. How to cancel a flight ticket online?

Ans. You can cancel your Delta Airlines ticket by following these steps.

  • Go to Delta Airlines’ official website.
  • Check out the “My Trip” option
  • Enter your booking confirmation number.
  • Click on the “Cancel” option.

You will get the refund as a credit or on the same method of payment. If the fee is applicable, you will have to pay the fee for a confirmed refusal.   

Q. What are the valid reasons to cancel a flight and get a refund?

Ans. There are some valid once you want to claim the refund on the flight cancellation. You can ask for a refund when your cancellation is due to medical reasons, financial default, involuntary layout or termination, inclement weather, or terrorist attack.     

Q. How to cancel a Delta flight offline?

Ans. Many passengers are not comfortable with the online process, so Delta Airlines also offers the offline method to cancel the flight. You can directly call the airlines or go to the airport and talk to the representative to cancel the flight.  

Q. What is Delta’s cancellation fee?

Ans. The cancellation fee depends on the time when you are canceling and also on the fare type as well as the destination. Another factor is that your ticket is refundable or non-refundable. The cancellation fee starts at 200 USD for the non-refundable ticket.    

Q. Is it better to cancel or change a flight?

Ans. If you know when you want to travel next, you can reschedule your flight. Changing the flight is the better option at that time. If you are not sure about the date and time, cancel the ticket and get a refund. 

Q. How much does it cost to cancel a flight on Delta Airlines?

Ans. If you are canceling your reservation within a 24-hour grace period, no cancellation fee will be imposed as per the cancellation policy. But if you are cancelling the flight after 24 hours, you will be imposed the cancellation charge which will be between $99 to $199. 

Q. Can you cancel international flights for free?

Ans. If you are traveling on a Delta Airlines international flight and you want to cancel your ticket without paying a cancellation fee, make it available within 24 hours of the booking seven days before the flight.

Q. What will happen if you cancel a flight?

Ans. Once you cancel your flight, you might be charged a cancellation fee as per Delta Airlines policy. The fee depends on the flight route, fare type, and the date of the booking. 

Q. How long does Delta take to refund?

Ans. Delta Airlines provides a refund to its flyers within 7 business days. When you cancel the flight and claim a refund, you need to wait at least 7-10 days for the refund. 

Q. How far in advance can you cancel a flight?

Ans. To avoid the cancellation fee and get the refund, make sure to cancel the ticket at least 7 days before the flight departure. Last-minute cancellations can impose a heavy fee.     

Q. Do you get a full refund if you cancel a flight?

Ans. The refund depends on the cancellation time and the fare type. If you have canceled the ticket within 24 hours of the refundable ticket, you will get the full refund but if you have missed the grace period, you might get the refund after minimizing the cancellation fee.

Q. Can you cancel a plane ticket on the same day?

Ans. Although it is better to cancel the flight 24 hours from the time of booking to get the full refund yet if you have missed the period and you want to cancel the flight the same day, the cancellation fee will be imposed on you. 

Q. Can you cancel a flight 3 days before?

Ans. You can cancel the flight at least 7 days before the flight departure to claim any type of refund or compensation. Canceling 3 days before will impose a cancellation charge on you.

Q. What are you entitled to if Delta cancels your flight?

Ans. If Delta Airlines cancels the flight from their end due to any reason,  they will pay you the full refund of your reserved ticket. Although the Basic Economy ticket of Delta Airlines is non-refundable. 

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