All You Need To About Booking Flights from Orlando to Iceland For An Escape


Are you planning to travel alone to Iceland or making it a family getaway? It is important to know about the direct Flights from Orlando to Iceland to save time. This blog contains all the details you want before you set foot on Iceland. Cheapflightsfirst is here to help you with airline updates, things to do and where to stay.

Origin Location- Orlando

Orlando is known as the city of lakes as it has more than hundred lakes. It is also the centre of Orlando Metropolitan area. The beautiful city of Orlando gets more than three hundred days of sunshine. It is the largest island city of Florida.

Information of Flights from Orlando to Iceland
Distance 3683 miles
Time Taken 7 h 15 min
Time Difference +4 hours
Popular Airlines Air New Zealand, Air France, Delta, Air Canada, Air Baltic, United, Virgin Atlantic
Airport Orlando International Airport (MCO)
Reykjavik-Keflavik International Airport (KEV)
Flights per week 9
Cheapest Month to book Flights from Orlando to Iceland October
What are the features and operations of Reykjavik-Keflavik International Airport?

Reykjavik-Keflavik International Airport (KEV) is considered the largest and most popular airport in Iceland. KEV is located 3.1km West of the capital of Iceland, Keflavik. KEV serves as a hub for airlines such as Iceland Air, PLAY and Air Atlanta Icelandic.

The airport has three (3) runways out of which two are functioning efficiently as of now. One of its runways is named after Leif Erikson, the first European to set foot in North America.

Leif Erikson runway acts as the separation between civil passenger traffic and military airbase.

Have a look at the transportation facilities available to and from KEV:

  • Bus: Buses run at equal intervals from the airport to nearby the downtown city.
  • Taxi: The airport has Taxi option available for passengers.
  • Car rental: Several Car Rental Companies have their stations at KEV.
Best places to visit after booking Flights from Orlando to Iceland

Iceland is nature’s playground. You will find waterfalls with stunning views, to man-made architectural wonders in Iceland. Have a look at our top 10 places to visit in Iceland.

  1. Hofdi House
  2. National Museum of Iceland
  3. Selijalandsfoss
  4. Dettifoss
  5. Skogafoss
  6. Harpa
  7. Gullfoss
  8. Glymur
  9. Saga Museum
  10. Svartifoss
Accommodations in Iceland

We recommend doing thorough research before you decide to book a room. Our blog can be of huge help here. We have compartmentalised accommodations into luxury and budget options so you can pick the one you like.

Iceland has plenty of options for every kind of traveller. Like to stay amidst comfort and luxury? Pick among the many 4- and 5-star restaurants. Like a simple accommodation? Book a room in one of the many budget hotels and hostels.

Luxurious Hotels
Luxurious Hotels Distance from Reykjavik-Keflavik International Airport Nearby Restaurants Nearby Tourist Attractions
Alda Hotel Reykjavik 39km Braud &CoOld Iceland Restaurant Hallgrimskirkja
UMI Hotel 156km Gamla Fjosid Skogafoss
Sand Hotel Bu Keyhotels 39km Braud & CoEmilie and the Cool Kids Ring Road
Hotel Grimboborgir 81km Grimboborgir Restaurant Ljasafoss Power Station
Apotek Hotel by Keahotels 39km Icelandic Street Food Hidden People Iceland
p Wake Up Reykjavik
Budget Options
Budget Options Distance from Reykjavik-Keflavik International Airport Distance from Nearby Restaurants Distance from Nearby Tourist Attractions
Hotel Smari 39km Íslenska FlatbakanTe & Kaffi Smaralind SmaralindSmara Tivoli
Arctic Comfort Hotel 3km Bombay BazaarGinger Systur and MakarNexus
Hotel Asbru 3km Kef RestaurantOlsen Olsen Viking World
Arctic Nature Hotel 80km Krisp Restaurant Kaffi & Co.
Metropolitan Hotel 39km Icelandic Street Food The Settlement Exhibition
Destination- Iceland

Iceland is ranking high in charts of the best places to visit. The country has waterfalls with scenic views, museums that have preserved relics of centuries before, natives who are friendly and environment conscious. Did you know that the first female president which was democratically elected was from Iceland? Visit Iceland and make memories in the most eco-friendly country in the world.

How to make the best of your Flights from Orlando to Iceland

Ticket fares are expensive but do not let the price dampen your spirit to travel. Put the tips we have shared here to test and get cheap Flights from Orlando to Iceland.

Being flexible with your travel itinerary pays in cash. Try not sticking to a set of dates.

Keep the flight fares alert on your phone for the destination you wish to travel to. When you see the prices dropping, book your tickets right away.

Book your tickets in advance. A ball park idea would be at least 4 weeks in advance.

Pick alternate, less popular airport as your destination airport.

Use your earned air miles to get upgrades, to hire Car Rentals and to book hotel.